Thursday, October 06, 2005

Woohoo.... No more C5 until Monday!

I might sound bitter but,....wait I am. It's been five long years at this job and it is slow begininng to fizzle. Granted I have a lot of freedom here but, I really want to work for myself. Soon..... is inching closer to 1000 hits! I don't really know what I expected that site to be but, I am using it for content and reference info. I will be selling T-shirts soon and possibly stickers but, I am sure it will show it's use soon.

I found this photo, of my favorite SyCip at the show, on It's a custom Javaboy with a gas engine ala Schwinn Whizzer. Note the gas tack under the top tube, Spectacular!

I think I am breaking out the SyCip Double Dribble for Saturday's ride. I haven't ridden it much lately and the bike really needs some luvin'....

Until then....

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