Sunday, April 30, 2006

You will be so jealous when I roll up wearing these shades. I so need a mullet! Posted by Picasa
I don't have a tattoo, I have never wanted a tattoo until now....

Mustache tattoo

I'm in if anyone else wants one. Hey, maybe we can get a group discount.

Dropped off a couple bikes today! Two down seven to go.

Bike in the stand:
Kona inder Cone

Socks on the feet:
Ronald McDonald customs (Yes, Red and white striped knee highs)

Playing on iTunes:

Big Head Todd & The Monsters "Bittersweet, Live"

Friday, April 28, 2006

This week has been full of bike repairs, sock drama, sponsor drama and 2007 prototypes.

I am currently building some very highend bikes for a local pro athlete. I find it amazing that sometimes building one-off bikes are easier to put together than new in the box bikes.

Bikes completed this week:

Orbea Tri
Gunnar Rockhound 29
Specialized Allez

Bike in the stand:
Felt Team (Tri setup)

Socks on the feet:

Soulcraft customs

Ride this Sunday...Goodan Ranch, I might go SS for a change.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BBQ review:

Sunday, on the way home from the Bikes-n-Beer's ride, we stopped at a new BBQ restaurant for lunch. It's just off Ortega Highway close to the 5. The place is called "Bad to the Bone". I am ready to go back even though it's 45 minutes from my house.

The meat had great flavor and was very tender. The rolls tasted homemade and seemed to hold up well. The atmosphere was down home hillbilly style. This place is giving Joey's BBQ a run for the money.

If you are in the OC and hungry, definitely check this place out!
Bikes-n-Beer's... or BBQ.

For some reason I thought that ride was going to be an easy jaunt around town...wrong! MG and I showed up at The Path Bike Shop around 8:45. Suprisingly enough I was the only rider there wearing Pink Camo. The group (about 100 riders) left the shop around 9:30 and cruised down Irvine Blvd to Peters Canyon. It was kind of like Hodges, some fun singletrack, fireroads but nothing too technical. From Peters Canyon we rode down a paved path to Santiago Oaks. S.O. was killer! That place made the entire trip worth it. A great mix of singletrack, climbing (yes I said climbing), techy downhills and obstacles. It was a blast riding somewhere new let alone with 99 other riders.

Winston from The Path took some photos and a couple video's. If you get the chance download the video named Bike-n-Beers.

Here is a link to some of the photo's (a trained eye can pick out MG and I);

06 Bikes-n-Beers photo's

Friday, April 21, 2006


I just realized I scheduled a SS road ride and my SS is under reconstruction right now. Good thing there are only two other guys showing up tomorrow that have SS's. I call one and make the other cry when I show up on my geary...unless he reads this before the ride....

He deserves the handicap.

Tom Giblin's was packed this evening. Legs, the Colonel, 007, the Doc and I (a brief apperance of Mrs Daggs) drank many a fine brew this evening or is it last evening? Either, fun was had by all.

Bike in the stand; Orbea Tri

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Comments are on now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In the stand: Kona Cinder Cone

iTunes: The Floating Men "Live & Spicy)

Socks: "Retrotec" crews

Rode my bike to work today...I really need to do that more, I feel great. It's been difficult lately, I have had bikes that needed to be delivered after work.

No, I didn't get a new car...

I just like how that one looks plus it is clean. I did however order some new tires and maybe someday they will arrive. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I really need to wash my car..... Posted by Picasa
Bikes and Beers ride

The Path (the best bike shop in OC) is having there annual Bikes and Beers ride this Sunday! The ride normally sees 150 to 200 riders. It's an offroad/ urban ride and ends at the Tustin brewery for pizza and beers. The ride "starts" at 8:30 but doesn't really roll out until 9:30 or so.

I am planning on making it this year, pink camo and all.

Let me kow if you want to go, we can carpool.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I am starting to remember why I don't go to bars anymore....

There is always one guy that doesn't have a sense of humor and another that does. Say for instance you are watching four guys play pool. You are there with a bunch of friends. Everyone is paired up except for you. One of the guys playing steps up to you and says "you know someone might thinking that you are gay". You say thanks but, you are the one with the guy and have the "Gay" look. Funny thing is that he doesn't laugh it off like I did...I mean you did. In fact he made a point to call his so called "girlfriend". Anybody can call a random girl on the phone, that doesn't make her your girlfriend....tool. Insecurity is the root of all evil. Ironically I was wering my Evil t-shirt. I guess the asshole couldn't read.

I hate bars. I'm not drinking for where did I put my beer? Needless to say I narrowly got myself beat down tonight. I know I can be an asshole once and awhile but, I am trying to change....yeah right.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

In the stand right now:
SB's Turner burner

On iTunes:
G. Love and the Special Sauce "Soda Pop"

Retrotec Wools

Bike count:
13 (3 in the bedroom, 5 in the living room and 5 in the kitchen)
Sea Otter reviews;

Energy drinks
+Full Thottle "Fury"

I immediately had a starnge feeling about this flavor. I thought I knew what it tasted like so I let 007 try it to confirm or deny my thoughts. Yep, he also thought it tasted like Taco Salad, witha slight sweet aftertaste. Not good.

+Rockstar Juiced

This is the best tasting of the three tested during my 6 hour drive home after working the expo. Kinda Redbullish, kinda fruity and a little like a fruit smoothie. Excellent! I will but this one again.


Run, do not walk away when you see this hell in a can. To quote my man Steve "This was made by, for and with assholes". Yuck! It tasted a little like watery Pepto (in fact it was the same color. I started getting the shivers, the back of my neck was on fire and I was twitchy. I recently found out that it was a "fat eliminator", hell I need that! What I don't needs is the side effects. No thanks.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sea Otter:

What can you say that hasn't already been said? Rain? Yep SRAM Force road group? Yep Niner full suspension? Yep Orbea carbon 29er? Yep......etc.

What they can't talk about the backstage drama;

HR was out of control this past weekend. What I hadn't realized was that Sea Otter was a "No Fun Zone". Luckily Moses was with 007 and I, we had a blast! Moses is one funny mother-f-er. Not only did we make fun of every dweeb at the race we laughed at our own workers. Some people take things too serious. I could understand if our company was big (30 workers or more) but, we are just a small player in the world at 7 employees. We aren't changing the world here.

Well enough of the politics, here is what I was able to see in my short bursts of freedom during the weekend.

+Haro Mary 29er: I want one! The frames are made of steel, they come in SS and geared and are relatively low priced.

+Intense Spider 29er: Unfortunately I wasn't able to ride one but, the proto I was able to up close was spectacular! A 4" full suspension 29er? I'm in...if I needed another MTB that is.

+Kish: Kish was next to my favorite bike builder (guess who). Kish has several steel bikes at the show including a Javaboyish bike. Excellent welding and geat attention to detail.

+Niner: Niner was showing off their new full suspension frame. Gusseted top and down tubes, sweet BB linkage, light weighta and I am sure the price will be right. If the price is right, I may be breaking the streak and getting a Niner SS.

+Industry Nine: These wheels rock! The spokes are similar to the "M" words aluminium spokes. The hubs are King quality and you can pick what ever rim you want. The spokes and hubs are available in a large range of colors (some colors are extra $). I would be on the I9 wagon if I didn't prefer wheels by my own hands.

More later....including dinner stories, drinking stories...etc.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Number 4...The same parts from my LTS went on this frame. I even had SPIN carbon wheels for this thing. I also was running a Specialized Carbon FSX fork. It was a RockShox Judy SL with Carbon legs. Posted by Picasa

Number 3...My LTS was a team model and had full XTR (of course). Posted by Picasa