Saturday, October 22, 2005

Busy weekend.

Friday road ride, 2.5 hours 15 avg. Then I built three wheels for clients, whew. Went out with the shop people and some crashers. Stayed out late. Returned home realizing I had three repairs due in the morning. Time 2:30. One complete frame up build, one SS road build including wheels and a tweak on an MTB. Hit the sheets at 4:45. Woke up around one, didn't hesitate to call Ice-cube the...Getting a little loopy (Ice-Cube flashbacks). Wokeup at 7:oo drank a liter of Gatorade "Lemonade" flavor. Rode with the guys at 8:30. After the ride I finished building Stubby's cross bike. Dinner with some friends, Now we are current.

Tomorrow is the Verdugo Racing Cyclocross race in Glendale. Race results will up later tomrrow night.

Wave goodbye!

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