Monday, October 10, 2005

Change is good...

Riding the Double Dribble this week has renewed my love of MTBing.

The bike is really well balanced. We rode a trail that I have been strictly SSing lately. There is something to be said about Suspension and Gears. I had a blast! Jumping the little bumps, bunny-hopping over obstacles and making some little inclines that I usually walk. I am definitely riding the DD next weekend... Probably by myself but, I will be riding.

My goal for the road bike is long and slow. No more 2 hour fast rides, They just don't it for me. Early morning start times, 15-17 avg speed and a low heart rate sounds good to me. I will leave the 2 hour fast paced rides to the "Training for nothing crew" (You know who you are). I may ride one of the those rides every once and awhile but, not every weekend like in the past.

Dropped from the start...

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