Monday, February 02, 2009

My legs feel less like dead weights today.

Last week marked my first full week back on the bike. I need some type of motivation to get back out there, a new paint job and groupo are working.

Monday and Tuesday last week I commuted to work via Carlsbad (I rode north to Carlsbad then turned around, for some extra miles). Wednesday I had my Night Ride that was a little faster than I had in my legs. Thursday I had an easy paced 20 miles before work. Friday I rode with DB, Bigos & Sean. Saturday was supposed to be my rest day but, I had previously volunteered to ride a spin bike at the annual YMCA Spinathon (This year I got away with only 2 hours on the bike). Sunday I rode an easy 30 miles with Karen. Today thankfully I drove to work. I'm glad I rested the legs. They were starting to feel sore.