Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am back.... better than ever.

I have been letting y'all down. It wasn't completely my fault. Not only have I not had Internet service my crusty laptop died. Today I fixed part of the issue and bought a new computer, whew.... I finally have the computer I have always wanted and I am ready to start the next chapter.

I have been thinking about taking some computer arts classes down at MiraCosta. No time like the present. My computer will no longer hold me back. It's black just like I like my cars.

Any guesses what it is......

I am going to head home now and start transfering the files I managed to save on my external hard drive.  

Friday, December 14, 2007

So here is the story....

First off the sickness took a lot out of me (including not riding, not working out, etc.). Too make matters worse I was becoming more lazy by the day. I decided to cancel my cable and unfortunately that included my internet. Needless to say I was lost. My house doesn't have phone lines so I can't use my modem and there aren't too many "wireless" networks in my neighborhood.

I am an internet nomad. I use my friends internet when I visit or sometimes use my neighbors connection (when I can). I'll try to post when I possible. I am working on a new connection, cross your fingers.

B&L's Holiday party is the weekend! It's always a good time. Plus I am going to a concert tomorrow night, the 94.9 Holiday Hootenany. I am looking forward to Pinback and Queens of the Stone Age. The other bands I am not quite familiar with but, should be fun.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Well.....Let's see.

Yes, I am alive. I have been battling a month long strain of Bronchitis/ Allergy sickness. It started out just like a cold then progressively got worse. Cough, Nasal Congestion, Chest Congestion. Two weeks ago I was coughing on average 40 times a day. Today I have coughed once. I might have just jinxed myself. Other than that my weeks have been normal.

I worked for Jens at the conclusion of the 12 hours of Temecula series. The race is at Vail Lake in Temecula. The series consists of 3 races on slightly different courses. Jens raced his first 12 hour race (let alone his first MTB race) here in January and won! The second race (in June-ish), after placing an awesome 11th at the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo, Jens got 2nd place! Last month's race was the hardest by far. The climbing was brutal. Jens battled back and forth between 1st and 2nd. He finished the race in 2nd and clenched 1st place (Sport) in the series! Congrats Jens, I couldn't have done it without you! (hehehehehe.....)

More in awhile I need coffee.