Friday, October 14, 2005

Now that's what road riding should be, No attacks, sprints or knarly climbs (for right now anyway).

Stubby and Vanilla ended up riding with 808 through Rancho. I was surprised to hear Stubby woke up before 8 but, I guess he didn't want to ride alone. S, V and I ate at Smokin' Joeys for lunch ( Not as good as Mister Hogg's but that place is stil closed.

Vanilla and I dropped by SockGuy to pick up an order for B&L. We walk in, V introduces me to Derrick (sp?) and he says "from the blog?". How ironic, one of the guys there was surfing the i and found my blog about SockGuy at Interbike. Small world.

Picked up some new socks for CS, Fluffy and I. I also ordered some "Limited edition" kit, pictures when it comes in. Scored some limited socks. I really like socks....Why? Is it because of devil's hoof? Probably...(if your have to ask you probably don't want to know.) Kudo's go out to SockGuy's. I need to work on my custom sock order. (

My logo is close to finished. Then it's crunch time on the t-shirts. I will be selling them here when they come in as well as other goodies.

The picture of the day is of a trail I have ridden a thousand times. Just outside Westpoint, KY. Otter Creek.


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