Saturday, May 27, 2006

PRESS RELEASE - DopersSuck.Com And SockGuy Donate Funds To Junior Cyclists
By Press Release - DopersSuck
This report filed May 25, 2006


Boulder, CO - May 24, 2006 - Dopers Suck and SockGuy have created a new sock featuring the Dopers Suck logo and will donate a portion of the proceeds to junior cycling development programs across the country.

"Whether racing or training, I wanted to provide athletes with a way to express their beliefs about performance enhancing drugs and what better way to do it that with a sock! And, what better sock company to work with than SockGuy? SockGuy makes the highest quality, best fitting custom socks in the cycling industry and they were really excited to help get the message out. " stated Brandon Dwight, founder of Dopers Suck.

"We are excited to be involved with the movement to help stop the use of performance enhancing drugs," stated SockGuy President, Michael Foley. "There are many junior cycling programs doing a great job educating athletes as to why doping is unhealthy and unsafe. And we'd like to join that effort in our own small way. Let's face it, dopers cheat, dopers lie, and Dopers Suck. It is a very clear message that SockGuy is proud to help promote with our partnership with Brandon and the Dopers Suck organization."

Dopers Suck socks will be available through the Dopers Suck website (, the SockGuy website ( and at select SockGuy dealers nationwide. Interested dealers should contact SockGuy at 888.232.5376.

About Dopers Suck
Dopers Suck is an organization that opposes the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in all sports. For more info visit:

About SockGuy
SockGuy, manufacturer of the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear, is a ten-year-old San Diego-based company providing specialty socks that feature superior comfort, cool designs, and extreme durability. SockGuy has hundreds of original sock designs to fit a variety of athletic activities that are sold in thousands of retail locations across the U.S. and distributed throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and the U.K. The company creates customized logo socks for events, clubs, companies and schools, so they can be found at large and small events everywhere. More information can be found at

Contact: Brandon Dwight / 303-444-2453 /
Contact: Michael Foley/ 760-804-1344 /

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sakura Bana,try it sometime Happy Hour Sushi rocks.

SG is thinking of purchasing a new POS (Point Of Sale) software package. The sales guy for the company, Mas90, took three of us to a company down the street from the new SockGuy HQ. As we rolled up to their warehouse I kind of remembered Geri's son worked for a golf company in the complex. Turns out it was the company he worked for. Not quite what I expected from the Gecewicz family, Matt was really quiet and reserved unlike his father.

Before we left one of the marketing vixens gave us some Ion bracelets. It's probably in my head but, I do feel more energized. We'll see how I feel on tomorrow's ride.

Lynyrd Skynyrd "That Smell"


Retrotec custom crews

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Three bikes in the hopper, two due this weekend.

Our trip was eventfull some good, some bad as always. Flagstaff is a cool little town. Great little restaurants, bike shops a plenty, sidewalk cafe's and lots of entertainment. I need to make a trip out there again, maybe take my road bike as well.

Checkout the new SockGuy website.

Back into the swing...We have a design meeting tomorrow at SG. I have a couple ideas that might get some votes. After the meeting a bunch of us are going out to Sushi.

Eminem "Kill You"

Bike in the stand:
Gary Fisher Sugar 2+

Guns n' Roses promo sock

Monday, May 22, 2006

The following photo's are courtesy of (aka M. Lutzker).

Thanks Mike.

This (Buddha Beach) was our reward for the day. Unfortunately it was in the middleof the ride. Posted by Picasa

Geri showing good technical skills for the weekend. I think someone is doping.... Posted by Picasa

Goodwill dropping one of the many stairsteps on Buddha Beach. Posted by Picasa

Goodwill climbing Buddha Beach. Added bonus is seeing Vanilla walking it behind him (Sedona). Posted by Picasa

Riding to the Buddha Beach trailhead, horrible surrondings huh. (Sedona, AZ) Posted by Picasa

Alan catching some air (climbing no less) on Schultz Creek (Mt. Elden) Posted by Picasa

Vanilla picking his way down Little Bear (Mt. Elden) Posted by Picasa

Green Camo rolling along the Catwalk (Mt. Elden, Flagstaff) Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 19, 2006

Top of Mt Elden road, We climb up that beyotch, 4 miles of burn. The ride today took 6 hours and was about 16 miles long. That sucked for the lung impaired. Posted by Picasa

Todd decided at the last minute to bring my other geared SyCip on the trip. After today I think he made the right choice. (Checkout the wheel size difference) Posted by Picasa

Sweet jesus how did we find this hotel? It's miles from downtown Flagstaff, basically on the train tracks and is in the dirty party of town. The good thing is that we are next to the "Bun Hugger". No seriously, that's the name of the restaurant. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

SG has moved! It took a little over 12 hours on Friday tomove the office and the warehouse. That was the easy part, I am in the middle of the hard part now (organizing and consolidating the warehouse).

Thursday I am heading to Arizona for my annual MTB trip. Vanilla, Self-Toucher, Stubby, Geri, Goodwill and I are staying in Flagstaff for 4 days. Pictures will be posted when we get back (maybe during the trip since I will be taking the laptop).

Bikes in the hopper:
Giant ONCE replica
Gary Fisher Sugar 2+
Cannondale 7 speed conversion

Rasta Crew


Over and out....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tequila is the sweat of the devil.....

Cinco de Mayo was not good to me. Yes, that is yours truely under miscellanious crap that CG found. There are more pictures but, I'm not sure you are ready to see them.

*12- 14 pitchers of Margaritas
*One order of Puntas de Pollo
*A shot of something
*and a strong Belgian beer out of a jar

Yuck! The margaritas I think were made with gasoline, no joke.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Four words:

Five more words:


Kelly Bike Company Calls It Quits

MAY 03, 2006 -- NEVADA CITY, CA (BRAIN)—High-end production steel frame manufacturer Kelly Bike Company is closing its doors.

The company will continue to take orders for any in-stock items until Friday, May 19. Those last orders are estimated to ship by Friday June 16, or once the last order is completed. Kelly will no longer take orders for any custom frame builds or assemblies and the entire business will be closed down by July 1.

“If a person wants that special color and decal combination, or the popular clear over decal upgrade, this will be the last chance to get it like you like it,” said Chris Kelly, Kelly Bikes founder. “After the last order is completed and shipped the operation will be dismantled and every last item will be sold including unfinished frames, tooling, equipment and raw materials,” he added.

Kelly will be auctioning a day-with-the-boss on Ebay to one lucky Kelly customer to allow them to finish off their own frame with help from the person that built it. “Of course if it looks like they are going to screw up the powder coat I’ll step in to help, but they will finish up their frame and follow me around the shop for a day,” he said.

I guess I know why BTI is out of Kelly forks right now.....
I have never seen this many bikes in my house at one time...

Luckily I am dropping off three tomorrow afternoon, whew. A client I haven't heard from in quite awhile gave me two frames to build up with three more coming next week. Maybe I will be able to catch up on some bills that I know are just around the bend.

Needless to say my house is a wreck. As soon as I recover from the bills I have a plan that will relieve some of the space stress. Other than that, I need to increase the business to be able to move into someplace larger or atleast with a garage. I do like my little house....

Bike in the stand:
Abici road w/ Ultegra 10

SyCip Wool 6" crew

Now playing on iTunes:

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Chicken Dog"

Gotta get back to work. See you soon!