Monday, March 27, 2006

This is similar to number 2. Mine had a RockShox DH but the color (ball burnished) and decals were the same. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is where it all started. This is a picture of my first Mountain bike frame. It's a 1989 GT Tequesta in Pink Smoke. Posted by Picasa
What up?

Man, PBS is looking like a tornado victim. I have got to get this place cleaned up. Imagine a bike shop, a junkyard and a closet that just threw up. Yep that would be the correct analogy.

Music in the backround: Hieroglyphics "After Dark; Live" from Full Circle
Socks: Rock-n-Road custom
Bike in the stand: Gunnar SS

I have to get back on the bike this weekend. Rain or shine I will be riding!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

3-18 Review:

CROCS Cayman Sandal
Retail $29.99

First off, I know they look odd. I wanted something to wear after a long ride, chores outdoors, lazy Sunday's, etc.

My dad bought me a gift card to a local "Recreational Equipment" company. I had been looking for some slipons for awhile and noticed they offered CROCS. I received them Friday. Today, after the race, I wore them to wash my car, go to the grocery and walk around. They really are comfortable! They have more arch support than I was expecting.

The Cayman is meant to be alittle larger than your normal size. My foot seems like it is swimming in the shoe when I am sitting but, they are perfect when walking. They have a strap on the back that can be used or pushed to the front. So far so good!

I will be wearing them in more situations this week and report any and all reviews. Posted by Picasa
In the mix:

Tunes: Citizen Cope "D'Artagnan's Theme"
View: "Trick my Truck", CMT
Socks: Crew Crown

Longtime no hear....

Hmmm.... where to begin....

It's been really hectic around here lately plus, I haven't been around here lately. In summary form;

*Worked a Golf Expo for SockGuy last weekend (it was empty, the only good thing was I got a massage from CMC each day I worked). Cassidy's did the right thing and brought some lovely ladies....
*SG had a little get together for my birthday at PizzaPort
*Karen had a shindig at her house on Sunday.
*I stayed at the DeBoer casa (watching Elvis) while they were in Mexico.
*Two tune-ups this week.
*Appointment with Tax Guy (Ugh...Cost more than I thought it would but, I am glad they are done.)
*Worked the California Half Ironman this morning, fifth year in a row (4 tech support, 1 sag support).

Well, that's about it. I have two tuneups that I need to start tomorrow that are due this week, Two to pick up and one to deliver.

Busy, to say the least. That is a good thing... the bank account is looking bleak.

Until then...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

There are too many cool things in this picture! To name a few; The Sweet Ti cantilevers, carbon fenders, Ti rack.... Posted by Picasa
Tech Tip #1

Have a mountain bike ride planned where there are lots of cacti? If you can't find sealant filled tubes I have an easy solution.

Find a suitable tube, preferable a new one that fits your size wheel. Buy a tube of sealant and a patch kit(there are several brands out there; Slime, Tru Goo, etc.). Poke a hole in the undeside of the tube (the side that will be on the rim not the tire). Insert the nozzle of the sealant container and fill the tube with the amount as directed by the manufacturer. Thoroughly clean the out side where you poked the hole and patch.

Unortunately you cannot buy pre-Sealed 29er tubes, so for the race I made some. Not only did I not have any flats during the race, I am still using the tubes and they are working perfectly!

Happy trails!
I think next time I ride Daley Ranch I might have to use the Subaru....

The place is completely sanitized! The ride was fun don't get me wrong but, the trails have changed for the worse.

I got my Ti riser bars in on Friday and installed them when I got home. They have a little more sweep than the raceface bars but, the work awesome plus they look killer.

Bikes in the stand:
Kestrel KM40
Gunnar SS
Gunnar SS 29er

Music playing:

My Morning Jacket "Off the record"

SockGuy Impact grays

Until we meet again....