Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cyclocross is coming......

First race out here is at, for the first year, Interbike. Brent will be rocking it out there hopefully on his new bikes that I am in the process of building right now. He switched from Celo Pacific this year to Team Alan (pron. "elan").


September 12, 2007
Stellina Sport, LLC is very proud and excited to announce the new 2007-2008 Alan North America Cyclocross Team. This upstart team will be targeting as many North American UCI races as possible including the USGP of Cyclocross Series, Verge New England Series, Verge Mid-Atlantic Series, as well as the SoCal Prestige Series, and local California, Virginia, Georgia, New England, and Colorado races. Hopes are high for podium finishes at the National Championship in Kansas.

Leading the team will be Brent Prenzlow of Carlsbad, California formerly of Celo-Pacific. Brent brings a wealth of experience and results to the table and will be defending his title in the SoCal Prestige Cyclocross Series. Brent, who placed 3rd in the 2006 US Cyclocross National Championships Masters 34-39, has 68 career cyclocross wins as an elite racer and is a 6-time California State Champion. Brent will be joined by rider/team manager Tyler Johnson formerly of Richard Sachs, and CCA Kona. Tyler is a former U-23 bronze medalist at the Cyclocross National Championships in Baltimore, and has collected one UCI victory and numerous podium appearances in UCI races. Rounding out the Elite team will be NORBA standout Christian Favata, up and coming Georgia rider Jamie Pair, and a pair of strong U-23's, Virginians Jeff Buckles and Stu Louder.

Alan, whose bikes boast 20 Cyclocross World titles, will be providing the team with Pearl White Alan 12K Blade carbon monocoque frames and Xtreme DCS aluminum frames with full carbon monocoque forks. "Alan's cyclocross geometry and materials are spot on for high level cyclocross racing. Because the frames are made in 20 traditional sizes, Alan cross bikes offer virtually custom sizing." says rider/ manager Tyler Johnson. The team will be outfitting the bikes with Supertype deep section carbon wheels, Primato cranks, cassettes, and chains all from Italian manufacturer MICHE. Helping to keep the team upright and moving forward will be Challenge Grifo tires, which will be supplied in 3 different tread types to accommodate all conditions. "The Team unanimously acknowledged Challenge tires as the best tubulars for cross racing and we are very happy with the generous support and help we are receiving from the company. Their passion for the sport is fantastic", said Chris Snead, Co-Owner of Stellina Sport. Italian maker, Selcof will provide bars, stem and seatposts to trim out the cockpit, and the riders will pilot there bikes onboard Prologo Choice and Nago saddles. Clipping in and out of Crank Brothers pedals, the riders will spring over the mud and barriers in Lake Shoes and gloves. Stopping will be handled with the combo of TRP Carbon 950 brakes and top mounts, JagWire Sleek Pro Cross Lite cartridge holders and wires, and SwissStop Yellow King brake pads. Verge Sports kits will be keeping all the riders looking good and hopefully warm and dry all season. Rudy project will provide helmets and glasses to keep our heads safe and the sun and mud out of our eyes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I heard something tonight, at the Track, that I never thought I would here....

I B&L customer (and first time track racer) walked past us, after we greeted him he said "I think I prefer Triathlons". Nice.


I heard some great news this evening. There is a new Mike Doughty album arriving early 2008, Golden Delicious! He will be in my hometown of Louisville Kentucky on November 10th (Phoenix Hill Tavern). I think I might try and make that show.....My buddy Alan and I saw Soul Coughing at Pheonix Hill may moons ago. I need to see if he wants to meet me there.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday was G.I. Nate's going away BBQ. The group had scheduled a poker game, I gave them my money as usual. I am going to miss the kid, I wish him well.

Sunday was, if nothing else, was productive. Ride in the morning, laundry in the afternoon and a ride with Indiana Jones and Santa. It started off fine but, somewhere in the middle Santa's EPO kicked in. We rode the 17 mile loop, North Hodges plus Highland Valley Trail.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lots on my plate lately.....

Friends have been in town (5pence & June), Friend moving away (Chicken Sympathizer), The shop has been busy (2008's are rolling in) and Trying to ride. Needless to say I have been a little mental...

(007 and 5pence)

I met 5pence about a year ago, just before his wedding. The first time I met them I knew we would get along, especially since they live thousands of miles away (Jersey, UK). They are friends with my buddy 007. I come to find out ED knows him from way back in the day. Ironically old 5pence used to be a triathlete, funny thing is he always makes fun of triathletes.... He even had an afro and wore a Speedo. Just what he didn't need, for me to have some ammo, I love it.

The Chicken Sympathizer organized a cruise downtown on Sunday. I met up with them at Adams Avenue Bikes. There were about 20 riders and we rode down to Sea Port Village and then up to Balboa Park. Good times. We finished the ride at the shop to have breakfast. I then drove back to Encinitas, or as I like to call it "Civilization", to cruise with The Colonel and The Legs.
We have built a bunch of 08 Specialized bikes this week, If you have been thinking about a new bike you should come down and check them out. Plus we received some Look 555 bikes. Not to sound too much like an advertisement but, they are a smokin deal. Full Ultegra 10spd, carbon frame, carbon fork, carbon post for $2100.

(Why does he need a hair dryer when he doesn't have much hair)

I have ridden my bike to work 3 days this week not including tomorrow. Monday instead of riding home I drove down to Jensypoo's house with Dainty. We rode our bikes to Dao Son for some really good Thai food (Chicken Sympathizer was with) and then we went to LiveWire for some refreshments. They amazingly had Oaked Arrogant Bastard on tap, sweet.

That's it for now. Interbike is in two weeks, Poker on Saturday, Sunday MTB ride it's non-stop for awhile.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This is my grueling commute to work by bicycle. Eat your heart out long distance travelers.....And yes that is ocean.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day weekend is over....In a couple ways I am glad.

Friday was excellent just as any day off should be. Roll out of bed, cruise to the Pannikin for some breakfast with friends, Go for a cruise with the colonel and megs, hang out on the deck and then walk to dinner with friends.

Saturday was blazing hot here on the coast. Thankfully I had to work (mostly in AC). After work Dainty, Average sized Breyer, Mitch and I walked over to Tidewater for a tasty beverage. I got the call and I was off to C'bad for dinner and amusement. The colonel and I schooled the brits at darts, the ladies came in a close second (close to third that is).

Sunday I don't know what I was thinking. I agreed to ride with a couple buddies. It was an "easy" day for them, I not looking forward to this. 60 miles in the saddle, 90 degrees and 3 fast riders do not equal fun when you are out of shape and over weight by 40 pounds. I hung in and cracked on the way back through C'bad. My eyes were bloodshot and I was dizzy from the heat. i went home after getting a smoothie and passed out at home for 2 hours. BTW if you are ever invited to ride with Hubert, don't believe he hype. He is not a slow rider.

I few of us met at Stone Brewery for a movie, Office Space. If you haven't heard yet Stone is playing movies on their 11 foot screen in the gardens. So far I have seen "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "Office Space".

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