Thursday, October 13, 2005

The beginning of my Pseudo weekend....

I am excited, almost giddy, to ride tomorrow. The new beginning. I am tweaking the Pave tonight, to make sure the experience is top notch. Wish me luck!

Vanilla will be riding with The B&L crew tomorrow. I hope to get a good ride report from him tomorrow afternoon. Stubby's ride is unknown, I am sure someone knows what he will be doing but, I amnot privy to that info.

Looks like this weekend will be packed with two wheels. Saturday we are riding Goodan Ranch. Sunday I am working at the Reebok Womens Triathlon until 9ish, then I am going out to Vista to watch the Celo-Pacific Cyclocross race. Fluffy and The Chicken-Sympathizer are racing as well as couple more delinquents. I will post the results after the race.This is Goodan Ranch for reference (picture courtesy of

Work for this weekend:
1. Work on RK's Bianchi SS project bike
2. Finish Geri's FSR pivot overhaul and replacement
3. Figure out what is up with No Show's road bike
4. Overhaul the Marzocchi Marathon
5. Start building "Project Hot".

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