Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And they say Neon colors are dead.....

Here is T-Bag and his newly re-built, re-painted Cheeta DH bike. NIce scheme!

Now when he shows up wearing a fanny pack and a Vaurnet T-Shirt i'll start worrying.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stubby finally purchased a new MTB just in time for his Santa Cruz trip.

He came into the shop yesterday and bought a 2008 Stumpjumper Expert. It's been 6-7 years since he has had a new geared MTB.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I am sort of glad the writer strike happened, they have brought new life to the office.....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Friday Geri, TeeBag and I rode Lake Hodges. Too most that doesn't mean much to me it means a lot.

It was my first MTB ride of 2008. The flu, food poisoning and various other sicknesses kept me from riding my bike. I am glad I waited, if I had gotten sicker it could have been worse. Needless to say my tired old legs were out of shape. Plus it was blazing hot out there (90 degrees). I told the guys it was going to be a slow ride but, they had other thoughts. I decided to explore.

I rode out to a trail near the boat docks that I hadn't ridden in 10 years or so. Last time I had been out there my buddies and I got stranded after night fall and had to be rescued by a passing boat. Luckily for T and G, I didn't relay that story as we adventured down the trail. The beginning was tight singletrack followed by some treacherous off camber. Around the bend was a burned out Nissan Pathfinder (I can't remember if it was there the last time). The trail became a little more loose than I remembered and turned uphill. Geri began to huff and puff. TeeBag was blazing a trail for us and I was sweating my ass off (literally).

The views were spectacular, the trail was superb (other than some hike-a-bike sections and the day was exactly how I envisioned it. Geri ended up turning around early but, TeeBag and I headed east to the 15. Most of the trails are closed but, we rode as many as we could before I started bonking. BTW the new Powerbar Fruit Smoothie bars are really tasty.

I don't know whether I have rekindled my love of MTBing or not but, I can say it was a great day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love California.

This was my view most of the day.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm jealous....

JRowe asked me to work the Redlands Classic with him. To most that doesn't sound too strange. JRowe volunteers for the Mavic Neutral Support Crew (SSC) and he needed a jumper (someone who jumps from a car to change out a wheel for a racer) to help out. I'm in!

I drove up Thursday afternoon and met the team at the hotel before dinner. It's amazing how such different people can come together and make a solid team. Most of the guys are shop mechanics hailing from St. Louis to NorCal. 

Who hasn't noticed the yellow cars and moto's in large pro races. Take a look at some of the photos on Velonews or CyclingNews, you'll see yellow. Although unfortunately I didn't have to get out of the car I was stoked to see the race from that vantage point, the radios, the commraderie between cars and closeup view of the racers.

Stories soon....