Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When it rains it pours....

Many new projects have appeared before me this week. Too much work, too little time. Simplicity has become my new business plan and although I am not at will to announce, I have made a giant (exciting) leap towards it. Soon....

Link dump;

(I really need to replace my support kit and repair stand)
Evil Cycling
Singletrack Magazine
New Subaru WRX
New Mountain Hardwear site

Music playing right now: Modest Mouse "Dramamine"
Bike on the stand: Bianchi Veloce (SS project)
Socks: SockGuy Gun's and Rose's (Interbike special)

Off the back.....

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Give me an "H", give me an "o", give me an "m", give me another "o",given me a hyphen, give me an "S", "c", "y", "c", "l" and an "e". WHAT's that spell?


(Long story, maybe some other time.)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Busy weekend.

Friday road ride, 2.5 hours 15 avg. Then I built three wheels for clients, whew. Went out with the shop people and some crashers. Stayed out late. Returned home realizing I had three repairs due in the morning. Time 2:30. One complete frame up build, one SS road build including wheels and a tweak on an MTB. Hit the sheets at 4:45. Woke up around one, didn't hesitate to call Ice-cube the...Getting a little loopy (Ice-Cube flashbacks). Wokeup at 7:oo drank a liter of Gatorade "Lemonade" flavor. Rode with the guys at 8:30. After the ride I finished building Stubby's cross bike. Dinner with some friends, Now we are current.

Tomorrow is the Verdugo Racing Cyclocross race in Glendale. Race results will up later tomrrow night.

Wave goodbye!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ride Schedule for this weekend is up on the website. Too much work...too little time...

Sunday is the Verdugo Cyclocross in Glendale, maybe Stubby and Vanilla will have bikes by then.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Quote for the week:

It's quite fitting considering the season....

From Big Johnny (DrunkCyclist):

"Yeah, I've got a cyclocross bike. I ride it to work. I ride it to the bar. I almost never carry it over anything. And, when I do, I most certainly do not run.

Only run when being chased, thank you very much."

So, I guess last weekends Cross race made a big impression on a few of us. Vanilla and Stubby have both ordered cross bikes to finish out the season. Good luck boys!

Man is it cold here in the warehouse....Brrrrrr. Brass nipples is right....

Bikes are a plenty in G's casa, Friday's ride is looking bleak. Saturday is looking better for a longish ride. Maybe take the Javaboy out for a cruise, we'll see. A nipple driver is the tool for this weekend, I need to build atleast four wheels (two by Saturday night).

Links of the day:

Cheap MP3 downloads
Great Cyclocross info
Cyclocross World
Best tools made for the travelling wrench
Pedro's USA
Good way to sell stuff on the web
Craigslist San Diego
If you are up in OC checkout these guys
The Path Bike Shop

Off the back....

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Huge turnout at the cross race today! Ran into a few people I haven't seen in awhile. Saw some amazing bikes;

  • John formerly from SanFran on a beautiful SyCip Crossdresser.
  • Lots of Redline's, Salsa's and Kelly's.
  • A Haro Cross (vintage 1995) ridden by Mike V.
  • A couple Ridley's, Empella's and Specialized's.
  • Etc.
All in all a great time!

Report on Friends of PbS Blog
Men's C (Beginner/ General)
Vanilla, DE and The Kaiser got top ten.
Stubby not so much...

Women's BSG got top five

Men's B
Fluffy got fifteenth-ish, Jefro?

Women's A
Monique S. beat Dorothy W. on the last straight.

Men's A
Chicken-Sympathizer got sixth-ish. Despite riding a fixed gear, having a mechanical on course (how can a fixed gear have a mechanical? Front brake cable) and riding the rest of the race on Fluffy's geared Kelly, he rode an excellent race. CDaggs (SockGuy) DNF'd because of his faulty $120 tire, JRA.

Congrat's go out to everyone who raced! I hope I can make it to the next race this weekend.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Now that's what road riding should be, No attacks, sprints or knarly climbs (for right now anyway).

Stubby and Vanilla ended up riding with 808 through Rancho. I was surprised to hear Stubby woke up before 8 but, I guess he didn't want to ride alone. S, V and I ate at Smokin' Joeys for lunch ( Not as good as Mister Hogg's but that place is stil closed.

Vanilla and I dropped by SockGuy to pick up an order for B&L. We walk in, V introduces me to Derrick (sp?) and he says "from the blog?". How ironic, one of the guys there was surfing the i and found my blog about SockGuy at Interbike. Small world.

Picked up some new socks for CS, Fluffy and I. I also ordered some "Limited edition" kit, pictures when it comes in. Scored some limited socks. I really like socks....Why? Is it because of devil's hoof? Probably...(if your have to ask you probably don't want to know.) Kudo's go out to SockGuy's. I need to work on my custom sock order. (

My logo is close to finished. Then it's crunch time on the t-shirts. I will be selling them here when they come in as well as other goodies.

The picture of the day is of a trail I have ridden a thousand times. Just outside Westpoint, KY. Otter Creek.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

The beginning of my Pseudo weekend....

I am excited, almost giddy, to ride tomorrow. The new beginning. I am tweaking the Pave tonight, to make sure the experience is top notch. Wish me luck!

Vanilla will be riding with The B&L crew tomorrow. I hope to get a good ride report from him tomorrow afternoon. Stubby's ride is unknown, I am sure someone knows what he will be doing but, I amnot privy to that info.

Looks like this weekend will be packed with two wheels. Saturday we are riding Goodan Ranch. Sunday I am working at the Reebok Womens Triathlon until 9ish, then I am going out to Vista to watch the Celo-Pacific Cyclocross race. Fluffy and The Chicken-Sympathizer are racing as well as couple more delinquents. I will post the results after the race.This is Goodan Ranch for reference (picture courtesy of

Work for this weekend:
1. Work on RK's Bianchi SS project bike
2. Finish Geri's FSR pivot overhaul and replacement
3. Figure out what is up with No Show's road bike
4. Overhaul the Marzocchi Marathon
5. Start building "Project Hot".

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This is my Diesel. It's looking pretty weathered right now. I think it is time for a new Powdercoat and a disc upgrade. I have decided on slotted dropouts for the disc's but, I haven't nailed down the color....

Maybe this color?

Or this? (Split pea)

Hmmm... (Curry)

Decisions, decisions.

I can't wait for my ride on Friday! I haven't been able to say that in a very long time. Plus, Cinnamon Star is planning to ride Goodan with me on Saturday. I like that place, it might not have enough climbs for everyone but, it's fast and fun. The ride on Sunday is unknown at this point, I am sure something will happen.

Off the back....

Monday, October 10, 2005

Change is good...

Riding the Double Dribble this week has renewed my love of MTBing.

The bike is really well balanced. We rode a trail that I have been strictly SSing lately. There is something to be said about Suspension and Gears. I had a blast! Jumping the little bumps, bunny-hopping over obstacles and making some little inclines that I usually walk. I am definitely riding the DD next weekend... Probably by myself but, I will be riding.

My goal for the road bike is long and slow. No more 2 hour fast rides, They just don't it for me. Early morning start times, 15-17 avg speed and a low heart rate sounds good to me. I will leave the 2 hour fast paced rides to the "Training for nothing crew" (You know who you are). I may ride one of the those rides every once and awhile but, not every weekend like in the past.

Dropped from the start...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Found this photo and I had to post it. Stubby calls it "Shag carpeting", I call it "Bass Boat Orange". Either way it looks fantastic in person. Jay mentioned (Jay SyCip) that it was "Wet" paint not their normal Powdercoat so it might not last as long but, the finish is awesome. I am getting the itch for another frame and an update for my Diesel. I want to get sliding dropouts on my Diesel so I can run disc's. I guess I should start saving....

That's it for now!
6 in the dash.....

1. Floating Men "Bootleg Snack's Vol. 1", (
2. Mike Doughty "Haughty Melodic", (
3. Kanye West "College Dropout", (
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd "25th Anniversary album Disc 2" (
5. Mike Doughty "Skittish"
6. Modest Mouse "This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about.", (

I leaving for my ride right now. I have to go pick up my pick, it's a long boring story. I am hoping I will feel alright today, I have a little cough. It will be Vanilla, stubby, Geri and I today unless others show up. Which means it will be me riding by myself....

I am looking forward to riding the MTB tomorrow.

As Juan Grande would say...."Rock out with your cock out...."


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Woohoo.... No more C5 until Monday!

I might sound bitter but,....wait I am. It's been five long years at this job and it is slow begininng to fizzle. Granted I have a lot of freedom here but, I really want to work for myself. Soon..... is inching closer to 1000 hits! I don't really know what I expected that site to be but, I am using it for content and reference info. I will be selling T-shirts soon and possibly stickers but, I am sure it will show it's use soon.

I found this photo, of my favorite SyCip at the show, on It's a custom Javaboy with a gas engine ala Schwinn Whizzer. Note the gas tack under the top tube, Spectacular!

I think I am breaking out the SyCip Double Dribble for Saturday's ride. I haven't ridden it much lately and the bike really needs some luvin'....

Until then....

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mid-week already?


I've planned the rides for this weekend, The email will be sent out soon. I really hope I start enjoying riding again soon. I think I am going to start riding my pace instead of trying to keep up with everyone else. We'll see if that works.... I am going to ride the SyCip on Sunday (Oh wait I have four SyCip's), the Javaboy. Riding that bike always makes me happy.

Javaboy looks a little different now but, you get the idea.

Business update; working on some of the paperwork needed for the state. I have been working on a few bike sales plus I have scheduled some repairs for this weekend. If you know of anyone needing bike work let me know.

Talk to you soon,

Monday, October 03, 2005

Back from Interbike!

Well...I can't say it was too much different than last year. Lots of carbon, lots of road bikes, lots of scantily clad women, lots of freaking looking shop rats. People watching is definitely a bonus at the show. Here are my highlights in abbreviated form;

Best booth:
Ultimate Support (, Ultimate had some very bling 29er bikes including two Jones', Retrotec, Ingliss', Black Sheep and the Niner booth.

Biggest letdown:
Ibis (, I was excited to see the latest Ibis since they came back from the dead but, they let me down by only doing Carbon bikes. Ibis was and will always be steel in my mind.

Best looking exhibitor:
Angela Sucich (, Congrat's to Voodoo for bringing Angela. I would have spent the entire two days at their booth but, I didn't want to be one of "those" guys (stalker...).

Nicest Hotel:
Wynn (, Let's see is it the Ferrari dealership in the casino? Is it the Corsa Cucina with Ferrari red leather seating?

Best meal in Vegas:
SW Steakhouse(, I felt a little out of place with my "Brass Nipples" T-shirt but, the waiter didn't have an issue, so no worries. When Stubby asked for the wine list little did he know it was 55 pages long. He ended up asking the Sommelier which would be best for our food and under $1000. Stubby ordered a 2001 La Vieux Chateauneuf du Pape. My Salmon was quite possibly the best ever. Potato puree topped with the salmon fillet crusted in blue corn batter, topped with BBQ sauce with onion rings on top. Spectacular!

Best Swag:
SockGuy (, We got some Interbike special socks from Todd. I got some tallboy "Guns and Roses" black socks, Tallboy "Manum Condoms" socks, "Got MILF?" socks and last but not least "Pabst Blue Ribbon" socks. Stubby picked the Mister potato head socks that say "You say Potato, I say Fuck You..." on the bottom. He also snagged some "Slut" socks.

Most pathetic signature:
LIN (, They had a couple guys from the US road racing team "Subway". There wasn't anybody in line. Unfortunately we were walking past when the LIN rep pulled us over and made us get their signature. Stubby asked if he got a free sandwich for the siganture, no but you geta free pair of crappy socks! I then remebered passing these jerkoff's on my Javaboy while riding in O'side. They remembered my wood fenders!

Nicest carbon frame:
Tie; BMC ( and Parlee (, Parlee had some very lightweight frames this year including an 11 pound climbing bike that Tyler "Drugee" Hamilton used at Mt. Washington. BMC's bikes are very unique looking plus pretty light. Their TT frame used a wierd linkage instead of a standard headset.

Most strungout chick:
Felt Bicycles (www., Whether she was jumping around or freaking out, she was definitely on something (e, H, LSD...).

Coolest Doodad:
Niner YAWYD (, A replacement headset top cap that allows you to pop a beer cap onto it.

More soon!

Got to get back to work....