Friday, October 26, 2007

Where to begin.........

Here is a synopsis;

  • I wrecked my MTB three weeks ago (straight over the bars). My back has ached ever since and when I say "ached" I mean I couldn't bend without it hurting.
  • The next day I rode with Chicken Little, wrecked again...
  • Commuted to work (my back feels fine on the road).
  • B&L has been crazy busy.
  • My neighborhood was in a voluntary evacuation.
  • I've been house sitting in Vista which was also in voluntary evac.
  • The shop closed for two days because of the fires, plus Solana Beach was in mandatory evac.
  • My Dad and Step Mom are in town for the weekend.
  • Tomorrow is going to be another crazy Saturday...
My weekend includes working, dinner plans and my 6 year old nephews birthday. Busy.

I'll be back soon and fill you in with the stories... Like how my Dad doesn't know how to eat edamame.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ultra fine print.... No Zipp, No Speedplay, No Oakley and No 2008 bikes (2008 bikes are 10% off). One discounted item per customer and No refunds on that one discounted item. Items must be in stock at one of the two stores.

Looking for a bike? Looking to buy that cool new pair of Carbon/ Ti Look Keo pedals? Need a Giro Advantage Aero helmet?

Come on in!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brent is killing it out there! He raced two races in Ohio last weekend and podiumed both.

Good Job Brent!

1 Barry Wicks (Kona - Your Key Mortgage Team)                1.04.57
2 Joachim Parbo (CCV Protek) 0.42
3 Brent Prenzlow (Alan North America) 0.51
4 Ryan Leach (GPOA-Cannondale)
5 Molly Cameron (Vanilla Bicycles)
6 Taylor Carrington (Turin - Powerbar) 0.56
7 Tristan Schouten (Planet Bike)
8 Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cycle Sport) 2.20
9 Steve Tilford (Team HRRC/The Trek Stores/ 2.34
10 Nathan Chown (handlebars CC/kona Canada)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Race #2 for the SoCal Cross series was yesterday. Brent took his 4th win of the season (2nd win for the series) in the Elite/ Pro category!

I finished his "A" bike on Friday so he was able to do a shakedown ride on Saturday and race it on Sunday. His "A" bike is an Alan Cross X. It's built with a mix of Miche, Campagnolo, Pro logo and Selcof. He is rolling on Challenge tubulars and clipped in with Crank Brothers 4ti eggbeaters.

It was a long day, what can I say...I'm a dork.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I just finished Brent's new Alan Cyclocross "B" bike.

He raced the first SoCal Cross race of the season and Won! The race was in Fullerton, according to other racers the couse was nice but covered in thick slow grass. That didn't stop BP.

Good Job Brent!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Couple photos from Interbike....

30 Haro demo bikes stolen

Hey gang, Over the weekend (9/29-9/30), the trailer and rental Penske van were broken into while parked here at Haro's Vista headquarters. About 30 used mountain bikes were stolen that were used at Interbike On Dirt Demo last week. Whatever dirt bags did this knew that there were bikes back there since the gates are locked. They also cherry picked, leaving a few single speed rigid 29ers behind.

4 Werx Sonix (crema color)

1 Sonix LT (Grey)

5 Sonix S (copper)

4 Werx Xeons (Pearl White...2 have 650b wheels)
4 Xeon S (Grey)

3 Mary SS 29er (1 ginger, 1 lt blue, 1 green)

5 Mary XC 29er (4 tangerine, 1 green)

1 Thread One (green/black fade)

1 Flightline Expert (cream color)
1 alloy 29er hardtail prototype; black with green graphics, green RST M29 fork

1 Masi CXR cross bike

If anyone has any information or sees Haro bikes listed anywhere, please let me know right away. Please spread the word. (gordon at probikesupport dot com)