Monday, October 03, 2005

Back from Interbike!

Well...I can't say it was too much different than last year. Lots of carbon, lots of road bikes, lots of scantily clad women, lots of freaking looking shop rats. People watching is definitely a bonus at the show. Here are my highlights in abbreviated form;

Best booth:
Ultimate Support (, Ultimate had some very bling 29er bikes including two Jones', Retrotec, Ingliss', Black Sheep and the Niner booth.

Biggest letdown:
Ibis (, I was excited to see the latest Ibis since they came back from the dead but, they let me down by only doing Carbon bikes. Ibis was and will always be steel in my mind.

Best looking exhibitor:
Angela Sucich (, Congrat's to Voodoo for bringing Angela. I would have spent the entire two days at their booth but, I didn't want to be one of "those" guys (stalker...).

Nicest Hotel:
Wynn (, Let's see is it the Ferrari dealership in the casino? Is it the Corsa Cucina with Ferrari red leather seating?

Best meal in Vegas:
SW Steakhouse(, I felt a little out of place with my "Brass Nipples" T-shirt but, the waiter didn't have an issue, so no worries. When Stubby asked for the wine list little did he know it was 55 pages long. He ended up asking the Sommelier which would be best for our food and under $1000. Stubby ordered a 2001 La Vieux Chateauneuf du Pape. My Salmon was quite possibly the best ever. Potato puree topped with the salmon fillet crusted in blue corn batter, topped with BBQ sauce with onion rings on top. Spectacular!

Best Swag:
SockGuy (, We got some Interbike special socks from Todd. I got some tallboy "Guns and Roses" black socks, Tallboy "Manum Condoms" socks, "Got MILF?" socks and last but not least "Pabst Blue Ribbon" socks. Stubby picked the Mister potato head socks that say "You say Potato, I say Fuck You..." on the bottom. He also snagged some "Slut" socks.

Most pathetic signature:
LIN (, They had a couple guys from the US road racing team "Subway". There wasn't anybody in line. Unfortunately we were walking past when the LIN rep pulled us over and made us get their signature. Stubby asked if he got a free sandwich for the siganture, no but you geta free pair of crappy socks! I then remebered passing these jerkoff's on my Javaboy while riding in O'side. They remembered my wood fenders!

Nicest carbon frame:
Tie; BMC ( and Parlee (, Parlee had some very lightweight frames this year including an 11 pound climbing bike that Tyler "Drugee" Hamilton used at Mt. Washington. BMC's bikes are very unique looking plus pretty light. Their TT frame used a wierd linkage instead of a standard headset.

Most strungout chick:
Felt Bicycles (www., Whether she was jumping around or freaking out, she was definitely on something (e, H, LSD...).

Coolest Doodad:
Niner YAWYD (, A replacement headset top cap that allows you to pop a beer cap onto it.

More soon!

Got to get back to work....

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