Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Track night was special....

Race Summary:

+ Delicate and I run by In-n-Out. 2 cheeseburgers each.
+ Delicate and I show up and sit down with Mark & Paula Allen (Power couple of the tri world, inside joke). Don Ho and Collarbone even made an appearance! Don Ho being my boss I had to make a jab, right?
+ Just as we finish the burgers and enjoy the race G.I. Nate gets caught up in a wreck and goes down pretty hard. A few scratches, road rash and a cracked helmet later.
+ We met QTBL's sister to be named "Mouthy Maloof" for the time being.


Delicate and I roll up. QTBL, MM and Ted have found a table. We get our beers and sit down.
+ DD pulls the insult of the hour out, "Mouthy Maloof" instantly becomes "Rachel Ray". Wow she did not like that. Douchebags aplenty. She tore DD a new one. Good times.
+ The "Voice" shows up and keeps us in stitches until Dave forces us off the premises. Weekly occurence.

Good lord it was not a dull Tuesday at the track. I love it here.


changuito said...

Isn't 'Mouthy Maloof' a character from a Harry Potter book? ;) Another great nickname from the master.

Schmalz said...

THANK GOD Mouthy Maloof gets the mean nickname. I heart you guys.

Bollocks said...

When are you gonna stop wearing that sockguy crap ? I applaud your support of the Gay sector of the population but why must your feet suffer because of it?
I have some reynolds wrap I can give you that will work just as well as the things they produce.
OUT AND PROUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Nate said...

track racing seems nice