Sunday, June 17, 2007

Congrats Jens, 2nd place! (first loser to some...just kidding)

Good Lord it was hot out there! Some were claiming mid-nineties, I can believe it. Jens pulled 9 laps off, amazingly I might add. The course was just short of 10 miles and 1400 ft of elevation. Yikes.

I sent him out with my GPS for his first six laps, charged it (Thanks Paul) and his last lap. The data is impressive, I just haven't figured out how to upload the data to blogger or the web for that matter.

My asshole ways worked yet again to force another rider to keep going. Our next door racer (Paul from LA) wanted to quit after 4 laps. I gave him some Advil for his back pain, lubed his chain, polished his bike and rolled it out. "Paul your bike is ready, get on." Works like a charm every time. He finished 6 laps.

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