Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Count the chins......

Contrary to this photo, since I started riding my bike to work I have lost 3 pounds. Now when is it going to leave my neck....

Lots going on.....

*"24 Solo" was great. It showed the pain and anguish of participating in a 24 hour race. It also showed the humorous side as well.
*I rode a blisteringly slow 80 miles on Friday. (Maybe it was in ceremony of the Fall of Turner; see next point)
*Nytro was sold to a friend of a friend (Reign of Turner is no more). CVT's last day was Friday 6/8.
*Tracy finally made it out to Track night. I think he had a good time, especially since most of the night was spent making fun of Jensypoo and not him. Boyband also made an appearance to root on N8.

I think Chicken Little and I are taking a Road Trip next week. Jeremy says my frame should be finished mid next week. We are going to drive up and pick up the frame on Friday. Make a long weekend out of it. The SyCip boys might even show us the trails!

I have to get back to the repairs. I am up to my eyeballs in PBS work.

Bike in the stand:
Paisley Fillet brazed Road

Chrome Royales

Pixies "Hey"

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