Sunday, June 03, 2007

Let me summarize my day....

+Woke up early for a MTB ride but, my traveling partner was late.
+We rode the one place that I dread each and everytime I ride there.
+Bjorn, Kerri, Matt, Geri and I all got citations for attempting to ride a trail we have been riding for 7 years. Although I did burn 1467 calories per my Edge 205.
+Matt, Chris, Geri and I stopped by Stone Brewery for brunch and a brew. Matt got lost on the way. Triple Dry hopped Ruination IPA is delicious for breakfast.
+I got a call from some buddies to ride our cruisers down to the Fiesta del Sol celebration in Solana Beach.
+As soon as we pulled into my driveway, I rolled down to their apartment by the beach. They weren't there.
+I met them on the 101 and ran into Bjorn at Filibertos on the way there.
+Fiesta del Sol was a bust but, Chiefs was spectacular as usual.

That's about it. I am going to sleep well tonight....

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