Monday, June 25, 2007

Movie night should include a movie both of us should enjoy....right?

Maybe if I allowed her in my house, I could pick. Not likely. Today's pick; "Pride & Prejudice". I was hopeful, Keira Knightley is in it. Can't be bad right? Nope. Bad might be a strong word, unwatchable is a better word. Unfortunately I haven't read the book so I didn't know what I was in for. If I had maybe I would have thought better. Oh well, there was dinner involved.

The two Chickens, Delicate, and I hopped into the toaster on wheels and headed up to the Rim Nordic MTB race on Sunday. We rolled into the parking lot to find the not as dainty Breyer and James. He races for the B&L tri team as well as Xterra and MTB endurance races. I on the other hand watched the races and yelled encouraging words at the racers....ha. I also took it upon myself to taste some of the snacks offered at the venue (see undercooked cheeseburger). The SS race started at noon. Chicken Sympathizer was the first to pass on the first lap, then Chicken Little. I was amazed to see "not as Dainty" pass before "Dainty". Luckily for DD his brother wasn't in the same category. CS ended up winning the SS expert race (3 minutes before the first placed Sport geared guy), CL placed 4th and Dainty in 7th. NAD placed 3rd in the SS Sport class and James won his category in the geared sport race. Congrat's to all the guys!

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