Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's weird looking out my front door and not seeing her.....

Is your car/ truck/ bike a boy or a girl? Does it have a name?

My car is Java.
1. Subaru calls her Java Black Pearl.
2. She is definitely caffenated (ie. fast, quick movements, etc).

She is in for a major tuneup before it's too late. At 99,000 miles it's time for Timing belts. I am also going for the rest of the equation (idler pulleys, idler belts, water pump, etc.). $$$$

I took her down to my buddy Charlie's place, Charlie's Foreign Car. I had called Subaru to get an estimate for the work. They wanted over $1500 for the work. Charlie hooked me up for considerably less. Most of the cost is labor and even though I am a mechanic I have my boundaries with cars. I trust these guys and appreciate their abilities.

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