Friday, April 28, 2006

This week has been full of bike repairs, sock drama, sponsor drama and 2007 prototypes.

I am currently building some very highend bikes for a local pro athlete. I find it amazing that sometimes building one-off bikes are easier to put together than new in the box bikes.

Bikes completed this week:

Orbea Tri
Gunnar Rockhound 29
Specialized Allez

Bike in the stand:
Felt Team (Tri setup)

Socks on the feet:

Soulcraft customs

Ride this Sunday...Goodan Ranch, I might go SS for a change.


Haro SS said...

What kind of Drama could you possibly have with socks?
Did you tune up my bike yet?

Gordon said...

Ummmm no comment....

Are you in town yet?

Haro ss said...

Heading back to town on Monday afternoon. Been a long week. Tons of rain, flooding, and a nice earthquake too. Can not wait to leave here.