Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bikes-n-Beer's... or BBQ.

For some reason I thought that ride was going to be an easy jaunt around town...wrong! MG and I showed up at The Path Bike Shop around 8:45. Suprisingly enough I was the only rider there wearing Pink Camo. The group (about 100 riders) left the shop around 9:30 and cruised down Irvine Blvd to Peters Canyon. It was kind of like Hodges, some fun singletrack, fireroads but nothing too technical. From Peters Canyon we rode down a paved path to Santiago Oaks. S.O. was killer! That place made the entire trip worth it. A great mix of singletrack, climbing (yes I said climbing), techy downhills and obstacles. It was a blast riding somewhere new let alone with 99 other riders.

Winston from The Path took some photos and a couple video's. If you get the chance download the video named Bike-n-Beers.

Here is a link to some of the photo's (a trained eye can pick out MG and I);

06 Bikes-n-Beers photo's

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