Friday, April 14, 2006

I am starting to remember why I don't go to bars anymore....

There is always one guy that doesn't have a sense of humor and another that does. Say for instance you are watching four guys play pool. You are there with a bunch of friends. Everyone is paired up except for you. One of the guys playing steps up to you and says "you know someone might thinking that you are gay". You say thanks but, you are the one with the guy and have the "Gay" look. Funny thing is that he doesn't laugh it off like I did...I mean you did. In fact he made a point to call his so called "girlfriend". Anybody can call a random girl on the phone, that doesn't make her your girlfriend....tool. Insecurity is the root of all evil. Ironically I was wering my Evil t-shirt. I guess the asshole couldn't read.

I hate bars. I'm not drinking for where did I put my beer? Needless to say I narrowly got myself beat down tonight. I know I can be an asshole once and awhile but, I am trying to change....yeah right.

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