Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sea Otter reviews;

Energy drinks
+Full Thottle "Fury"

I immediately had a starnge feeling about this flavor. I thought I knew what it tasted like so I let 007 try it to confirm or deny my thoughts. Yep, he also thought it tasted like Taco Salad, witha slight sweet aftertaste. Not good.

+Rockstar Juiced

This is the best tasting of the three tested during my 6 hour drive home after working the expo. Kinda Redbullish, kinda fruity and a little like a fruit smoothie. Excellent! I will but this one again.


Run, do not walk away when you see this hell in a can. To quote my man Steve "This was made by, for and with assholes". Yuck! It tasted a little like watery Pepto (in fact it was the same color. I started getting the shivers, the back of my neck was on fire and I was twitchy. I recently found out that it was a "fat eliminator", hell I need that! What I don't needs is the side effects. No thanks.

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