Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sea Otter:

What can you say that hasn't already been said? Rain? Yep SRAM Force road group? Yep Niner full suspension? Yep Orbea carbon 29er? Yep......etc.

What they can't talk about the backstage drama;

HR was out of control this past weekend. What I hadn't realized was that Sea Otter was a "No Fun Zone". Luckily Moses was with 007 and I, we had a blast! Moses is one funny mother-f-er. Not only did we make fun of every dweeb at the race we laughed at our own workers. Some people take things too serious. I could understand if our company was big (30 workers or more) but, we are just a small player in the world at 7 employees. We aren't changing the world here.

Well enough of the politics, here is what I was able to see in my short bursts of freedom during the weekend.

+Haro Mary 29er: I want one! The frames are made of steel, they come in SS and geared and are relatively low priced.

+Intense Spider 29er: Unfortunately I wasn't able to ride one but, the proto I was able to up close was spectacular! A 4" full suspension 29er? I'm in...if I needed another MTB that is.

+Kish: Kish was next to my favorite bike builder (guess who). Kish has several steel bikes at the show including a Javaboyish bike. Excellent welding and geat attention to detail.

+Niner: Niner was showing off their new full suspension frame. Gusseted top and down tubes, sweet BB linkage, light weighta and I am sure the price will be right. If the price is right, I may be breaking the streak and getting a Niner SS.

+Industry Nine: These wheels rock! The spokes are similar to the "M" words aluminium spokes. The hubs are King quality and you can pick what ever rim you want. The spokes and hubs are available in a large range of colors (some colors are extra $). I would be on the I9 wagon if I didn't prefer wheels by my own hands.

More later....including dinner stories, drinking stories...etc.

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