Monday, July 09, 2007

Thank goodness! I can eat again and just in time. M&M's wedding was this weekend. I wouldn't be able to hold in my anger if I hadn't been able to enjoy the PCG at the reception.

Speaking of M&M, I went to the bachelor party last Thursday. Needless to say details will be withheld but, here are some highlights. The night was named "Drinking & Driving".

+We drank at the Limey's house
+We raced at K1 Speed (Carlsbad)
+We drank at Tom Giblin's.
+We drank at Coyote Bar (+added bonuses**, and a slightly intoxicated "Force"). Sorry Daggs.

I stopped drinking around midnight to sober up and drive The Fitz home. I had commandeered his phone earlier in the night since he was using it as a hockey puck. I texted "Legs" (He was fine, I was driving him home, she could go to bed, He loved her, blah, blah). I hope I one day find a girl like her. They are an awesome couple. I am really glad they are friends.

The night was definitely tame by most bachelor party standards but, was a great time.

This was my lunch today, The San Clemente pizza from Pizza Port. It's basically Taco Pizza (Mmmmm....).

Since I have been sick the last week and not really up to date on the web, I forgot to mention my trip to mecca (The SyCip factory). Chicken Little and I drove up to Santa Rosa last weekend. After battling San Fran traffic and 101 North Bay traffic, we arrived at SyCip around 4:30 (empty gas tank and empty stomach). Jeremy was waiting for us. I got to pick my decal color for my SS. I had given them artistic control of the color as long as it stayed green. Jay picked "John Deere" green with a gold nugget top coat. It's amazing! It's pearlescent in the sunlight. I looked at my options for the decals and settled on light blue. Great choice, the bike looks awesome (I even found some light blue Oury grips for accent). When we finished with the frame, we followed him to one of the local MTB spots, Annadel State Park. How many of us can say we have ridden with one of our "heroes". Jeremy has handmade all five of my frames, each and every one has a place in my heart. Unfortunately I was famished and exhausted. I was making stupid mistakes and bonking hard. Not really the condition I was hoping to be in. Jermey, CL and I headed back to town for a burger and brew. Jay SyCip stopped by to visit.

Either way it was a great trail and I can't wait to go back there and ride it again. The park boasts 30 miles of singletrack, all perfectly groomed from what I saw. Who is up for a road trip?

Saturday I woke up in Mill Valley. A little town very similar to Encinitas, Mill Valley is at the base of Mt. Tam (the birthplace of MTBing). I walked into town and found a coffee shop, Mill Valley Coffee. Around the corner was a bike shop Jeremy had recommended, Mill Valley Cycleworks. I walked in a few minutes after they opened. I had to pinch myself I thought I was in the twilight zone. The bikes, clothing, service department and fit area looked exactly like B&L. One of the sales guy reconfirmed my plans for riding a nearby park. Jay & Jeremy told us to checkout China Camp in San Rafael.

China Camp State Park
is located in San Rafael and looks out over the bay. Most of the trails we rode had awesome views to the south, SF way out in the mist.

That's it for now. I am watching the tour coverage and don't want to miss the crash.


Brendan said...

Hey man-- long time no talk. Lost your (newish) email...

kerri b said...

Hey this is where I grew up!! :) Isn't it beautiful!?! Amazing, amazing riding, both road and mountain!