Monday, January 22, 2007

Got back from the 12 hrs of Temecula

I kept my perfect record for Solo Tech Support, Razzberry won his race! He cranked out 9 laps! This was his first attempt at endurance Mountain Biking, he handled it like he was a seasoned professional. Congrats John!

My buddy Brendan was at the race showing off his new frames as well as teching for his wife Mary. He had two of his frames at the race, The Fifty Five (29" front, 26" rear ((29+26=55) and The Trauco (29er all day bike).

Fifty Five

Brendan's niche is Aluminum. He is one of he few small guys* out there that do custom** Aluminum frames. For his first attempt on his own brand the frames have plenty of new touches (custom sliding dropouts, bent TT, gusseted DT, etc.) and great welds. The few frames I have seen have been raw but, I can't wait to see one with color. That Trauco might be the perfect addition to my fleet although I don't know what The brothers will say.

*Custom AL framebuilders:
Action Frame
Strong Frames

**Custom sizing, tubing thickness, setup, etc.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support this weekend Gordon. It was good to see you again. --Brendan

bryan said...

Brendan is a very smart guy who has learned from the best! I too hope to have a hands on look at his new frames.