Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Does anyone remember the old guy who used to ride his weird bike up and down the coast. The bike was a Trek OCLV and painted Pink, White and Yellow. He always wore knee guards....

I haven't seen that dude in years.

Do you people watch? I do. I frequently sit at the coffee shop and watch the world passing me. The professionals, the weirdos, the surfers, the high schoolers, the homeless.... About 5 months ago I started noticing this strange old guy everyday between 5:30 and 6:00. He walks down the side walk to the newspaper stands and checks the machine for change. He has a method so it's not spontaneous, then he walks across the street and checks the ones down the block and walks back.

Does he make any money doing this? Is he OCD? Has he lost his job and now is trying to recoup some of the loss? Is he trying to escape his nagging wife?

These are some of the scenarios I and my fellow "regulars" have come up with. One day I will get a photo of the chap.

Couple bikes rolling out the shop this week. A Cannondale System6 Team, a Cannondale Six13 Team and a Serotta Legend Ti. Business is starting to pickup finally.

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