Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back from the Holidays.....

I do feel refreshed and effervescent. SG gave the lot of us the Xmas week off. So I proceeded to drink more Mocha's, think about work less, pretend to clean up the shop (aka my dining room) and drink more spirits.

I did ride a fair amount, not as much as I should have, but I road 6 of the 10 days I was off. Unfortunately I had to go in for a couple hours to finish my inventory and it looks like I will be counting more this week.

Dainty, the beard and I went for cheese steaks tonight. I don't care what sporkmag has to say about the place, Philly's Best in Oceanside has the tastiest steaks this side of the Mississippi. Makes me feel like I am in Philly again.

So here is the gossip overheard.....
The beard is growing the beard again ( much to his other halfs distaste), Dainty will collapse under emotional stress very soon, The beard secretly owns a car and is married in China, Dainty is going to sell every Kelly he owns and buy more Masi (Masi's? Masis'?), The beard will be retiring from 24 hour races this year and G is perfect in every way.

It's great being perfect, I tell ya.It's an oldie but a goodie. The 24 hours on the old pueblo (where this photo was taken) is coming up fast. My manager (I didn't even know I had one until he made my decision, not to race, for me) has signed me up to wrench for John Razberry (aka Jensipoo), Tofu Smith and his SS team, yay.

I have a new race kit that I will be showcasing at Pueblo. I haven't hammered out all the specs but, I will post my setup and after the race, my impressions and what I need to change.


Samsung BlackJack
Keen Footwear
Pactimo Sportswear
Honey Stinger

I love Bike Porn
Cake, "No Phone"
In the stand:
DeRosa Ti


Anonymous said...

maybe you can ask the beard if he can help you with wrenching seeing how he is retiring from racing.....

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Don't let the Beard near a wrench during a 24hr race... he'll be more pickled than Gordo... and that's pretty darned pickled.

I have to spend more than a week with the Beard in Taiwan... AND he just got promoted to be my new Product Manager (congrats Beard)... so now I'm really screwed!