Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"No heat

You know it's cold when:

a) Your feet are so cold that when you step into the hot shower you scream because you're feet are burning from the shock.

b) Whenever you are in your apartment you are in long sleeves, pants, socks, and have a huge blanket wrapped around you.

c) You are wearing a super-padded bra, tank top, and long-sleeved shirt and you can still see your nips.

d) All of the above."
Taken from jennystopmakingmecookies.blogspot.com

I resemble this....except for c).....sometimes.

Can somebody pinch me? I think I am having a nightmare.

It was 36 degree's at my house on Saturday morning. Did I wake up to ride my bike, not even close. Instead I stayed in bed until 8:30 and then bundled up and went out for a coffee. Imagine my surprise when I saw some roadies out on 101. Crazy.

I have been trying to overcome a "cold" for the past two weeks. It's not the normal "cold", it drains my energy and gives me a headache. It's Bull"S".

I am pretty sure it doesn't help that my cottage (and when I say cottage I mean step above shanty) doesn't have a working heater. Well it might work but, every time I turn it on it smells like it's going to burn the house down. I would rather sit on my sofa in my sleeping bag than burn the place down. Although it might help me clean the place up....Nope sleeping bag is better.

Links for today;

I am wrenching for a few Solo racers this weekend in Temecula.
12 hours of Temecula

Part of my new Race Gear are my Carhartt Double front jeans.
Carhartt Workwear

Another new piece of Race Gear are my IronClad gloves.
Ironclad Performance Gear

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Fritz said...

36°? Cold? Sheez, you SoCal guys.... :-)