Saturday, September 30, 2006

We're back from Vegas!

Although I didn't get to walk around the entire show I did get to visit with most of my "industry" friends and see some of their new stuff. First and foremost The Sycip Family were in full effect (Jay left Vegas Wednesday). Sam (The father of Jeremy and Jay) stopped by the SockGuy booth on one of his breaks. Somehow he remembered me from last year. He walked straight to me and said "you're the gentleman who has five of my son's bikes...". Matt and Jeremy also stopped by to say hello. I really wish I lived closer to Santa Rosa. I could've hung around their booth the entire show.

SyCip were showing a fully custom Javaboy including brazed on front and rear racks color matched to the frame. The hammered fenders were also powdercoated to match the frame. The bike featured Shimano's new touring group the "Alfine", internal gears, hydraulic disc brakes and Dura-aceish cranks.

Don't get me wrong! I love my Javaboy but this one takes it to a whole new level.
Photos courtesy of Crooked Cog Network

ChiChi townie bikes were aplenty yet again this year. Salsa had a new steel townie called the "Casseroll". I can't wait to see that in the lineup. Niner had a bunch of new bikes in their booth including their full suspension frame and
new color choice.

On the parts side White Industries was showing their adjustable BCD crank. You can use whatever size/tooth count chainrings you want and of course they are polished to a mirror finish.
Right now I have to catch up on sleep....More on that and the show soon.....

The Samples "Overthrow"

In the stand:
Cannondale M700 three speed conversion in effect (for a guy who can't ride it)

SPU "What can SPU do for you"

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