Thursday, September 21, 2006

Will it ever end!.....Nope not a chance, thank god.

Bikes, bikes and more bikes...throw some socks in there and you have the life of Gyeager.

I have been working on a bike that I can't acknowledge I built, legally that is. You know who you are and when you win that next race I'll know I helped a bit.

Then there are the "others". They seem to take over my living space. The bathroom, kitchen and living room will never be the same.

I'm babbling. I have to finish one more bike tonight then I can sleep....

Bike in the stand:
Ellsworth ID
Mike Doughty "Needle to the bar"
Team Green Royale GT

Vegas here I come! Interbike is next week, If you make it to the show stop by the SockGuy booth and say hello. The show offers lots of eye candy....

Angela Succich "Team Voodoo"

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