Friday, June 09, 2006

Pepe le peu got me sick this week after dropping me off at the casa. Airborne saved me from weeks of agony. Although for some reason, now my hands are peeling. Wierd I know.

Last night abunch of guys from B&L, Cinnamon Star, Vanilla and I went for a night ride. The pace was a little upsetting (really, really fast) but, CS, Jens and I rode our own pace way back. I had a good time. Hopefully the promoter will keep the ride going every week, doubtfull though.

Have you ever had a "Sidral Mundet"? Someone is selling it online for $1.65 a 10.5oz bottle. I purchased at Albertson's for $.75. Tastes good, it's an apple soda not too sweet but, really smooth.

Run DMC "Mary, Mary.."

Japan Crew

Bike in the stand:
SyCip Diesel in for a fork swap.

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