Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Colonel, Legs, Pele, Uptown Shirt and I went to Fletchers Cove (Solana Beach) to see Hank 3 (Hank Williams 3) tonight. I am a sucker for any band with a fiddle and a slide guitar. Boy were there some freakshows at that concert. Between the guy projectile vomiting to "The Dude" (Big Lebowski) to the guy riding in on the pink furrry bike with matching hair and purse, there was plenty to watch.

Fo some reason they decided to close the beer garden early, bad move. We returned to the Colonels seaside apartment. After hearing some hillbilly music (reminding me of home) I stopped at the local "entertainment store" and picked up a twelver of PBR.

Good times!

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