Saturday, January 07, 2006

Word to the wise.....

When you realize there is something wrong with your bike, fix it now!

Last week I rode my bike afterwork nothing hard, just a spin. Towards the end of the ride I was suffering up a hill and my chain came off. I looked down and the masterlink (It's a Mavic 10 chain) had come apart. I quickly inspected the link and it was pretty worn, not good. I snapped the chain back together and said to myself "I need to pickup a chain at the shop". I didn't and forgot about it. I guess that's one of the drawbacks to being a mechanic, your bike is always the last to be repaired.

Today I left for a much needed ride with some friends, not thinking about the link. About 20 minutes into the ride, just after a short climb the chain falls off completely. When I say completely I mean it. Low and behold half of the masterlink is gone! By the time I realized I was screwed, I called the front group and they were miles ahead. Fat Tim helped me look for the link for awhile but, I realized it was a lost cause. Atleast I was wearing my camo so everyone that passed by pointed and laughed. Good times.....

I am really angry at myself right now. I have decided to scrap the riding for today and clean up the casa.


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