Saturday, January 05, 2008

Just when things were looking up....
Reality smacks me in the face and says "not so fast". Thursday I was working in the shop when someone came in and said, those in famous words, "Does anybody own the black Subaru?". Ugh. I start to sweat, my heartbeat starts to race and I feel sick. My car is important in my life. It's not as important as when I worked in the OC but, still pretty important.
At least the guy came in right? He could have left and I would have never known there was a giant dent in my fender....Yuck. The positives are that the dent isn't blocking the wheel, so I can drive it. The headlight isn't cracked and the guy is going to take care of it. I got a couple estimates and recommendations. My mechanic Niko at Charlie's Foreign Car recommended Fender Mender in Encinitas. They seem to get a lot of business. Several dealer tech's were dropping off cars while I was there, good sign.
So I have that going for me. My first Mac class is next Sunday. I am learning a lot just playing with the computer but, I want to find out the in's and out's of the OS.
That's it for now. I am going on week 5 without cable. I have made a considerable dent in the cleaning of my house. Maybe I can invite people over soon.....

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Jeff said...

Did you notice the mighty Sentra when you were at FM? We need more secure parking.