Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Can You guess where this is on the trail? Looks different huh....

Now that Lake Hodges has reopened I want to start my night ride up again! Normal loop although the first ride will probably be slow and investigative. Supposedly it looks like moonscape. I hope you all try and make it out. The past rides were a lot of fun for everyone. Some of you I know are training for some endurance races and this would be a great way to train for them.

Hope to see you all out there!


(Some of you will be receiving an email soon about the ride, if you are not on my list email me at probikesupport at gmail dot com.)


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I recognize that spot. SO sad. I rode my cross bike there, the day the fires started. Breaks my heart.

Rejane Ruiz said...

cool blog =)

Anonymous said...

That does look scary.
Hope to see you there next week


jameson said...

let me know what's up with these rides.

Anonymous said...

Hi G

How was it?