Sunday, November 04, 2007

I am back on the bike....sort of.

I have been taking it easy and just doing some short road rides before work. The Queen of Neoprene adjusted me the other day (Yes, she does have a chiropractic license).

Other than that things are pretty mello. The shop has stayed busy past the sale. No big drama there lately. The week is young though.

Jensypoo is racing next weekend, 12 hours of Temecula. He and Dainty rode out there last week. Dainty claims the course really difficult. I just hope the past air quality doesn't damper Jens' performance. Brent raced yesterday (Redline Cup in Boulder, CO), he finished in a strong 14th. Especially strong when he is racing against the top 20 Pro's that don't have regular jobs. He is racing again today in Colorado (Boulder Cup), both races are UCI races.

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