Friday, October 26, 2007

Where to begin.........

Here is a synopsis;

  • I wrecked my MTB three weeks ago (straight over the bars). My back has ached ever since and when I say "ached" I mean I couldn't bend without it hurting.
  • The next day I rode with Chicken Little, wrecked again...
  • Commuted to work (my back feels fine on the road).
  • B&L has been crazy busy.
  • My neighborhood was in a voluntary evacuation.
  • I've been house sitting in Vista which was also in voluntary evac.
  • The shop closed for two days because of the fires, plus Solana Beach was in mandatory evac.
  • My Dad and Step Mom are in town for the weekend.
  • Tomorrow is going to be another crazy Saturday...
My weekend includes working, dinner plans and my 6 year old nephews birthday. Busy.

I'll be back soon and fill you in with the stories... Like how my Dad doesn't know how to eat edamame.

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