Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have been unplugged lately.....

My normal computer is having difficulties connecting with the internet so tonight I am rocking the tablet pc. I am working on my connection and should be 100% next week. What does that mean for you? You will be able to read my blog and see updates.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Everyone have plans? I am yet again avoiding the family and spending the day with friends. I will undoubtedly see the fam during the holidays just not for Turkey Day.I should ride there just so I can burn the calories I will be taking in.

Humberto, Dainty and I stopped at The Port after work this evening. I learned 3 things;

1) 3 beers are plenty 4 beers are too much.
2) Dainty is way too sensitive when he drinks.
3) Amber Marsh likes to dance to ABBA.

This weekend is 12 hours of Temecula! Come on out and support Jens (Solo) and Julia (Team)!

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