Wednesday, May 09, 2007

(photo by Nick )
The bleachers were packed last night!

A hundred or so spectators showed up last night to watch some good old Track racing. The normal groups were there; Adams Avenue (Chris, Andrew, D Large/ Alicia, Nick, Ted etc.), The "Messengers" (ABC's Kenton & Mimi, Noah, etc.) and B&L (Delicate, PBS, Cinnamon Star, Rinker, Dano, and suprisingly Geri showed up). Nick has some high quality photo's up on his blog (

As far as racing was concerned our (B&L) very own mechanic, Nate, raced his first Track race! Nate has been taking the Monday night Track practice for the past couple months. He raced a scratch race and then a points race. Fortunately during his last race he narrowly escaped one of the racers hitting the wall, literally. Good bike skills on those racers that got around it. Juls was also in the race, rumor has it she rolled over the dude's wheel, yikes. Thank god she wasn't riding her new bike!


Schmalz said...

Someone hit the wall?? Must've forgot to turn LEFT or something...

Anonymous said...

That crash was both horrific and awesome at the same time . . . yikes.