Monday, May 07, 2007

I give an A+ to those of you who commented or emailed me "sarcastic" replies. Good Job!

Tomorrow night is Track night at the Velodrome. There is a 60 lap Madison race at the end of the night that should be exciting. I still haven't decided between Bass Ale or Pacifico. I guess what's on sale will decide.

My Enduro seals were received a few days ago (quick shipping!). Now I just need some extra time to install them. Chris has posted detailed installation instructions on the site, with photos.

I road to work today! Man, it was a beautiful day. No clouds, 75 degrees and riding along the ocean, San Diego is paradise. I saw a few familiar faces out on the road. The Welshman, Jensypoo, Delicate and even the illusive C Rinker were seen cruising the coast.

A couple of additions have been added to my toy box. I have been riding with a pair of Oakley Racing Jacket's with Transition lenses. Simply put, they rock! I couldn't believe how dark they actually got in extreme sunlight. I can ride with them to work and they lighten up enough for me to ride with them just past sunset. I think they are too dark for actual night riding but, work great for commuting and daytime use.
I also purchased some Campagnolo Ultra Torque Centaur Compact cranks. The past couple rides I have wanted a few more gears. I looked into getting a new cassette but that would only add 3 teeth. I needed something more substantial. The cranks are made of forged aluminium and are 172.5 in length. I had been using 175's for years but, that was just because I didn't know better and that was what I was used to on my MTB. It's amazing how stiff these things are. The BB cups are simply that, cups. The bearings are attached to the crankarms as well as each arm has half of the BB spindle. At the end of the spindle there are splines that interlock. One 10mm bolt holds the spindle together. The bolt is easy to torque if you use a rachet extender, a 10mm allen socket and a torque wrench that exceeds 60.iTunes:
Primus "Intruder" from Miscellaneous Debris

Bike in the stand:
Keith Anderson

B&L 3" Royales by Sockguy

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OneEyedClyde said...

Skip the minerally Burton-on-Trent-bullshit, bland British pale and the Mexican Milwaukee's Best Light and drink something with integrity. The 2007 Sierra Nevada Summerfest is out and always makes for a nice session beer.