Sunday, May 20, 2007

I worked the first annual San Diego Century yesterday. The ride started from MiraCosta College, in Encinitas, at 6:00am. Scott and I arrived around 5:45ish to help the riders with minor repairs ie, flat fixes and derailleur adjustments.

Around 8:00am I rolled out in the B&L shop truck to do race support. Most of the people I rolled up to had their spares and tools ready (Thanks!). My rule of thumb is if they have everything I keep going. My first real call wasn't until Del Dios Hwy where I repaired a chain for a father/ son team. They were grateful to be able to keep rolling especially since we weren't halfway yet. My next call was in Poway, so I cut course and arrived to SAG station 3. 6 people were waiting for me. The repairs ranged from air to Cleat adjustments. My number one repair for the day though was tire replacement, not tubes, Tires....yikes. It's pretty bad if you need a tire.

All in all the attitude was positive. Everyone thanked us for being out there and helping out. We were able to fix 95% of all the repairs thrown at us. Good times.

I think I am going to invest in a GPS. We started carrying Garmin a couple weeks ago. Being the gadget geek I am, the functions and features are tempting. The model I am looking at is the "basic" model, the Edge 205. Garmin has two "Cycling" GPS units the Edge 205 & 305. The differences between the two are simple. The 305 has heartrate functions as well as cadence (with optional accessories). The 205 retails for $250 and the 305 retails for $350* (*plus options).

I am intrigued with the idea plotting my rides and being able to load them into my computer and Google Maps. Do I need one? No. Will I get one soon? Yes. I love trying new things, I am addicted to "stuff".

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Stuff is good!

Glad to hear that you were the angel of salvation out there on the roads...