Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Track Night Tuesday!

Although we got there a little late to see Missn' Out. We got to see alot of action in the Madison* race.

*The Madison is an event in track cycling, named after Madison Square Garden in New York, and known as the "American race" in French (course à l'américaine).

The race format is a variation of the points race. Teams of two (seldom three) compete, but only one rider needs to be racing at any stage. Periodically, the teams change riders by "tagging" their teammates, usually performing slingshot action with linked hands to transfer as much of their momentum as possible to the racing rider, though a team-mate may also be propelled into the race by a push of the rider's racing shorts. The non-racing team-mate then moves to the top of the circular banked track to recover before his next stint.

Team pairs are ranked according to laps gained or lost on their opposition and by points obtained by performing well in sprints which occur periodically during the race and are signalled by a bell on the preceding lap.

First there was a wreck in the field on one of the favorite teams (Matt Hoffman and Adam "don't know his lastname"). Matt had a huge gash in his quad and his shin looked like hamburger. Then towards the end of the race there was a huge sprint Shawn Wallace outsprinted the fastest 17 year old I have ever seen, Iggy!

We all (about 12 of us) met at lefty's for pizza and PBR. Good Times! If you are ever in North Park you have to stop by Lefty's and say hey to Dave.

3448 30th Street


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