Friday, August 11, 2006

Review #26

Evomo "Epic Grind" T-shirt:

First and foremost I have to give props to BryanT from Evomo. He has answered what many people have questioned. Why are cyclists forced to wear Surfing or Motocross T-shirts when they don'y have to. Bryan, being a graphics guy, started Evomo to provide togs for the cyclist. Some of the shirts are subtle in graphics (Epic Grind, Splatter, etc.) and others are more in your face like "Blood Donor" or "Hurl".

How can you not love a company whose name translates to Puke? I have washed mine a couple times and they have not shrunk (which helps since I'm not shrinking either). All in all a good deal at 20 bones.

Their website is being maintained right now but, you can purchase them (after 8/14/06) from their website ( as well as some of your favorite LBS's. I think I can speak for Bryan when I say "You should talk to your shop and get them in stock, they kick ass".

I have not been paid by the company, nor has anyone twisted my grimy arm to wear the T or even stuck a gun to my unwashed head of hair.

Where: SG warehouse
Temp: Hot
iTunes: Beatles "Strawberry fields"
Drink: Ginger Ale with added nutrient**
Socks: Wanker (Yes they are clean)

The bearded lady, fluffy and I are heading up to OC for an industry party tonight. Tomorrows ride looks ugly....don't get me wrong, I'll be's going to be ugly.

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