Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Man down....

The man known by many as DC (Big Jonny, Jon, etc.) was hit by a car Saturday. The man is resting in the hospital with multiple lumbar fractures and some road rash but, s in good DC humor.

Checkout his site for more info and pictures.

Drunk Cyclist

Here is an excerpt from his dialogue under medication....

(Medical personnel are preparing to move Jon from the stretcher to the bed in the ER)
FMS Staff: “Are you ready sir?

Big Jon: “Wait!”

BJ: “Ladies, I must warn you. I’m naked under here and extremely good looking”

(Nurse enters the room with water and cloth to give Big Jon a sponge bath and clean some of the superficial wounds)

Big Jon’s Wife: “Do you want help with that?”

Big Jon: “Hold on, are you going to do this? (Looks at wife and frowns)…Or are you? (Looks at nurse and grins)

Silence from both wife and nurse

Big Jon: “How about both!”

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