Sunday, February 24, 2008

The sickness has passed..... for now.

Two weeks ago most of San Diego and I caught the flu. The strain was impervious to most medication and is still lingering with me in form of a cough. I hate being sick. Most of the time when I get a cold, it lasts a few days then withers away, not this time. I missed 4 days of work and many times thought overdosing on Mucinex might be better. It took a little over 7 days to get my energy back. I am not yet up to riding but, soon.

Well do the math. I did not go to 24 hours in the Old Pueblo this year. It's the first time in 7 years that I missed it. Although I wouldn't go straight to "missed". The forecast had snow, rain and cold temps. With my flu condition there was no way I was going to risk a pneumonia. It looks like it was a good decision. The guys were held up getting out of town because of black ice, snow and mud slides on the 8 east. When they arrived in Tucson it was snowing and cold. Yuck.

At least it let up for the race. Unfortunately the weather was the only good change during the first lap. Elliott went first for the guys. On his way out the fire road toward the first climb, a jackass nudged his handlebar and he flipped over the bars breaking his collarbone and fracturing his elbow. Poor SOB. For the complete story and xRay photo's checkout the B&L Blog.

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