Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Queen of Neoprene and I drove up to Solvang for the Tour of California.
I love road trips. Whether they are day trips or week long trips I am in. The Queen and I left after work on Thursday night. We drove up the Belmont Shores to stay at her friends house. On the way The Queen introduced me to Pinkberry.

I normally don't like frozen yogurt but, it was excellent! Too bad the closest one to San Diego is in Temecula. In the morning we left early enough to miss most of the traffic and made it to Solvang an hour before the Time Trial started. The atmosphere at the ToC races is pretty unique. It's not the spectators you would expect to see. Groups of kids, dogs and families milling about. There was the usual smattering of bike geeks, shop geeks and industry people. The race was fun to watch but, the best part for me was walking through the team areas. They had grouped the teams in a large parking lot and it was opened to the public. Thankfully not everyone knew it and it wasn't packed. We were able to stand 3 feet from Boonen, Bettini, Hincapie and everyone else while they were warming up on trainers. All the racers we saw were happy to talk to the fans and sign autographs.

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Jeff said...

Don't worry, there will be a Pinkberry at the Hard Rock in the Gaslamp and one in Hillcrest (velodrome/Lefty's/PinkBerry) in the next couple of months.