Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I heard something tonight, at the Track, that I never thought I would here....

I B&L customer (and first time track racer) walked past us, after we greeted him he said "I think I prefer Triathlons". Nice.


I heard some great news this evening. There is a new Mike Doughty album arriving early 2008, Golden Delicious! He will be in my hometown of Louisville Kentucky on November 10th (Phoenix Hill Tavern). I think I might try and make that show.....My buddy Alan and I saw Soul Coughing at Pheonix Hill may moons ago. I need to see if he wants to meet me there.

Now playing: Mike Doughty - Grey Ghost (Here's the hidden message. Eat your greens. Read "Everything and Nothing" by Borges. Thanks for listening. Mike)
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changuito said...

Well, I can see his point. In track racing you can't get away with wearing those cool tops that look like jog bra's. Seriously, those things are totally hot.